Range of UK made superlative cleaning machines designed to get into those difficult to reach places like around taps, outside and inside of toilet bowls. Ideal for dentists, doctors and vets surgeries. As well as commercial kitchens, floors, walls and feet of equipment.

A solution to the problem of total sanitisation of areas and touch points, in particular the eradication of the Corona Virus.

The exciting invention is a Virus Killing Spray Lance called STORM which operates using the same battery housing backpack used for the JET3 Motor Scrubber Rotary Brushes. You can use any suitable surfaces disinfectants in the supplied bottle. Please see the explanatory YouTube videos accessible via the links below:

We are certain that this could give anyone peace of mind in ensuring total sanitisation throughout their property in an easily deliverable solution. This development is applicable everywhere but especially at the moment in Care Homes, Hospitals and other medical situations, Hotels and other public buildings.

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Showing all 6 results